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Gear List


Heritage Audio ‘73JR x2

Manley MicMAID

Overstayer Instrument Driver

Retro Portable Amplifier

RS W2395C x2

Sunset Sound S1P Tutti



API 553

Hendy Amps Michelangelo

Heritage Audio 8173

Dynamics & Channel Strips

Analogue Tube AT-101

FCS P4S Plus Comp

Heritage 2264E

LaChapell Model 992

Overstayer Model 8755D, Stereo Voltage Control Model 3722

Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, Dual Vandergraph


Elektron Analog Heat

Overstayer MAS Model 8101

Thermionic Culture – Culture Vulture 20th Anniversary

Modulation & Special Processing

Eventide H9

Nioo Analog Iotine Core 3

R.M.L. 432k Distortion Box

Roland RE-20 Space Echo

TC Helicon Perform VE

Conversion, Mixers & Utility

3x Avid HD I/O

Behringer X32

Coleman Phone Mix DI

Dangerous Music Liaison

JCF Audio Latte

TC Electronic TM9

UA Apollo 8 Quad Core

DigiGrid DLS, IOX, D Cube Desktop


Amphion Two 15’s (or 18’s) & BaseOne25 System

Augsperger Duo 8 & Sub 12

Grace M905 Monitor Controller

IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors



Fender Custom Shop Jazz Master, Stratocaster

Fender USA Telecaster

Gibson L5 CES, Randy Rhoads Custom 1973 Reissue

Bohemian Motor Oil


Fender USA Precision Bass

Rickenbacker 4 String


Divided By 13 RSA 235

Fender Hot Rod Deville – Michael Landau Version

Kemper Profiling Amp

Marshall JCM 2000 – DSL 401

Swart Atomic Space Tone


The Loar Mandolin

Gear List Continued…

Keyboards & Synthesizers

Abstrakt Instruments Analog Bassline

Arturia Matrix Brute

Bastline Instruments MicroGranny 2

Critter & Guitari Bolsa Bass, Kaleidoloop, Organelle, Septavox, Terz Amplifier

Dreadbox Abyss, NYX Analog Synthesizer

Elektribe Sampler

Elektron Digitakt

GRP Synth A4

Korg Monologue, Kronos

Lyra 8 Organismic Synth

MakeNoise 0-Coast

Mellotron Micro Mellotron

Moog 953, DFAM, MiniMoog, Model 15

Oberheim Two Voice Pro

Roland TR-8, SH-01A, TB-03, TR-08

Soulsby Atmegatron

Synthesizers.com Portable-11s

Teenage Engineering KO!

Vintage Vibe Electric Piano, Vibanet


Ableton Push

Akai MPCX, MPC Live

Avid PT Ipad Dock

Cirklon Sequentix

Isla Instruments Kordbot

Keith McMillan QuNexus

Korg SQ-1

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S25

Polyend SEQ

Reloop Mixon-4 DJ Controller


Catlinbread Echorec

Dagger Effectors Crystal Blackout

Diamond Memory Lane 2

Digitech Supernatural

Hologram Dream Sequence

Korg Pitchblack Portable

Lightfoot Labs Goatkeeper

Meris Polymoon

Origin FX Cali76

Skychord Cloudbuster

Spontaneous Audio Son of Kong

Strymon Blue Sky, Deco, DIG, Riverside, Sunset

WMD Geiger Counter

Modular Synthesis

Modules from: 4MS, Abstract Data, Analogue Haven, Bubblesound, Cirklon, CWEJMAN, Cynthia, Division 6, Doepfer, Flame, Flight of Harmony, Happy Nerding, Harvestman, Hexinverter, Hinton Instruments, Innerclock Systems, Intellijel, JoMox, Kilpatrick, Koma Elektronik, Komplex, L1, Macbeth, Make Noise, Malekko, Mutable Instruments, PGH, Polyend, ProModular, QU-Bit, SM, Sound Machines, SubConscious Communications, Synthesis Technologies, Tiptop Audio, Transistor Sounds Labs, Vermona, Waldorf, and XAOC.


Apple Mac Pro

3 Ghz 8-Core Intel Xeon E5 Processor


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